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The local traditional architecture of Skiathos, which is today continually disappearing, does not ok300have a strict island character. On the contrary, it is a combination of a village in Pelio and an island village, with neoclassical elements.
Certainly, all these elements are influenced by the mentality, the preferences and the needs of the local people. 
The houses are small in their majority, built close to each other and with two floors. They are built of stone 
while their external walls are whitewashed. There are mainly two types of houses, rural and manor - houses.

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architect1In the island of Skiathos nowdays, the narrow streets are mostly traced by chance, they are picturesque and made of stone slabs. These slabs are placed vertically on the ground in herring-bone pattern to ease the flow of rainwater away and to make their structure more stable.n the places where the streets are very narrow and crooked, the corners of the houses
are cut in such a way so that walking through them is facilitated. There are small squares
in various spots inside the city, made either by chance or to emphasize something such
as churches, fountains or other similar constructions.


skiathitiko spiti

(house in Skiathos)
is an individual effort to preserve and promote the traditional way of life in the last century in Skiathos !


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